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10/03/11 The Government announced details of the Renewable Heat Incentive policy to revolutionise the way heat is generated and used. This is the first financial support scheme for renewable heat of its kind in the world.

Provide environmentlly friendly and easily managed heat solutions for businesses, public sector institutions and larger private homes.


Boiler Services have been installing and maintaining industrial wood waste and biomass boiler equipment for over 20 years. We have worked on most of the leading European manufacturers equipment in locations throuhout the UK and Ireland. Boiler Services staff have undertaken manufacturers training in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands.

We deal with Biomass boilers and Industrial Wood Waste in the range of 100KW to 6MW.



Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers can be fired on a number of different materials such as logs, wood chips or wood pellets as well as more unusual materials such as grain. They vary in complexity from a basic hand fired boiler up to a fully automated system requiring minimum operator intervention.


Biomass Boilers usually require more regular servicing and maintenance than convenical gas or oil boilers due to there additional mechanical fuel handling systems. We offer various services from one off call outs to regular quarterly/six monthly/annual service contracts to suit your requirements.


wood waste

Industrial Wood Waste

Industrial wood waste boilers are most commonly found in munufacturing plants where a large percentage of the waste is wood based. The wood waste is normally shredded and transported into a boiler which is used to heat the factory These particular installations can acheive considerable savings by ruducing the waste removal and heating costs .

Industrial wood waste boilers tend to be one off custom built installations, Biomass Boiler Services Ltd has over 20 years experience looking after this type of installation for the likes of Velux, Magnet, Gower and Ikea .We offer a range of services from one off call outs to regular quarterly/six monthly/annual service contracts to suit your requirements.



What is Biomass?

Biomass is a fuel from any recently living organism, the form most readily available in the U.K. is chipped wood. This can be from woodland lop and top, purpose grown coppice or green wood residues from sawmills etc., beyond this, the primary source is miscanthus, a large fibrous grass and wood which is produced in a pelletised form.

The use of biomass as an energy source has huge potential to reduce the climate change problems caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuels are a form of ‘ancient biomass’. Burning these fossil fuels causes a release of CO2 that for millions of years has been fixed underground and transfers it to the atmosphere creating a carbon imbalance.

cycleUsing biomass as an energy source creates a ‘closed carbon cycle’. As a biomass energy source grows CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere, when it is burnt the CO2 stored by the biomass as is released, making biomass fuel ‘carbon neutral’. Most biomass fuels are clean, containing no noxious metals, chemicals or other pollutants and so will not evoke environmental issues such as acid rain and human respiratory problems. Good for the planet and good for you!

Why is there a demand to use biomass?


Additional planting and management of woodland
Reduction in carbon dioxide
Reduction in global warming


All members of the EU are committed to carbon emission reduction, and Biomass forms an important part of this strategy. The advantages will be felt across the rural economy by adding forestry and creating employment.


With the increase in Landfill Tax and the introduction of the latest Climate Control Levy, biomass will become even more competitive with fossil fuels.

Biomass is a chosen growth sectors in the U.K.

Opportunities for district heating and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects.

Increased awareness of opportunities at grass roots levels and beyond.

Boiler Services install industrial wood waste and biomass boiler installations from 500KW up to 6MW from silo storage systems and fuel delivery through to combustion system. Do we want any further info here?



Boiler Services carry out maintenance and repairs to wood waste and biomass boiler installation including. Do we want any further info here?





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